Mercer Island School Foundation


MISF INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS The Mercer Island Schools Foundation is a non-profit that raises money to help support the local public school district. The public school district serves over 22,000 people with 4 elementary schools, a junior and high school, and an alternative high school. I worked with MISF from 2002-2020, responsible for their changing marketing [...]

Integrated Resource Plan


BUSINESS ADVERTISING I wrangled Puget Sound Energy's massive out-of-control marketing into one graphic standard manual, then went on to help them out on other projects. I moved O'Brien water sports advertising focus away from people-they-sponsored to dreams-their-audience-imagined. I used animals to lure potential Holland America Cruise and Westours adventurers. And I added games to sales [...]



WEBSITES Designing a website is like building a house. First, you need to know why you want one. Then you need a plan. Then you build the frame. Then you take care of the details that go inside. They require planning ahead and time. They must be interactive (you can play with them) and responsive [...]

Dessert Party


POSTER FUN Posters are a great way of communicating. My public service work includes a lot of posters done to convince children not to run into a street, and to educate parents how long to have their kids ride in car seats. But the ones you're about to see come from here: CHECK OUT PUBLIC [...]

Glacier Institute


ENVIRONMENTAL NON-PROFITS I like to hike. Through this hobby, I provided graphic design for two small but important outdoorsy non-profits. GLACIER INSTITUTE offers classes and personalized access to Glacier National Park in Montana, making opportunities for adults and local school children to learn more about the flora, fauna, history, and geology, and become environmentally aware. [...]

Berry Beautiful


PACKAGING, CARDS, OTHER I like 3 dimensional work. In fact, every year I create my own personalized 3D Holiday Cards. I've done this for decades, and yes, I realize that nobody sends them anymore. But I do it for fun, and to stay in touch with my Aspergers relatives (who will never ever ask anything [...]

King County


LOGO DESIGN I've done logo designs since starting my career. Working with political campaigns meant inventing hundreds of logos for candidates and initiatives (but all logos involve some politics). I love to do them but they are very subjective. Once a logo design gets chosen, I provide different file types for web, print, and signage [...]

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