I am part of a stable of designers who work for consulting firms (Northwest Passage Consulting, Free-Range Consulting, Moxie Media, WinPower, and others) on political campaigns. I also work with candidates and for initiatives (Super Pacs). I know you throw away my work as soon as you get it, but sometimes there just isn’t any other way to reach you.

1. PIKE PLACE MARKET This initiative added $42/year in taxes to every King County residents’ tax bill. The money went to renovate (save) the Pike Place Market and despite the economic downturn at the time, it passed.

2. SEIU Another colorful project involved educating employees on what it meant to join a union. Each piece was eventually translated into 18 languages.

3. DENTAL THERAPISTS This integrated campaign supported authorizing a new, lower-level dental assistant who can help provide dental care in underprivileged areas. They needed newspaper, web ads, facebook, twitter, bookmarks, fliers, cards, signs, and more.

Please, for the sake of the country, vote.